The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always The Densest Shade... - Ginmaku 2018

Japanese Film Festival

Vom 23. Mai bis 27. Mai 2018 findet im Houdini und Riffraff das vierte Ginmaku-Festival statt, welches neue Filme aus Japan präsentiert. Die Programmübersicht findest Du hier.

«The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always The Densest Shade Of Blue»
Newcomer Shizuka Ishibashi throws herself into the role of Mika, a nurse by day, a 'girlie bar' hostess by night, subject to feelings of anxiety and isolation, and unable to reach through a hard outer shell that stops her from expressing tenderness to anyone else. Sosuke Ikematsu, one of Japan’s most important young actors, stars as Shinji, who struggles as a day-hire construction worker with a sense of impending doom, but who still tries to find the source of an unnamable hope he feels inside. The setting is Tokyo in 2017, where empty words, a sense of doom, and feelings of isolation co-exist with hope, trust, and love. The sense of real life conjured up in these two people creates a new kind of film: a love story of the densest kind.

Schweizer Premiere

Der Film wird in der japanischen Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt.

The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always The Densest Shade... - Ginmaku 2018

von Yuya Ishii
mit Shizuka Ishibashi, Sosuke Ikematsu, Ryuhei Matsuda, Tetsushi Tanaka

Japan 2017, 108 Min.
Altersfreigabe: 16 J
Startdatum: 26.05.2018