Fake - Ginmaku 2017

Japanese Film Festival

Vom 27. April bis 1. Mai 2017 findet im Houdini und Riffraff das dritte Ginmaku-Festival statt, welches neue Filme aus Japan präsentiert. Die Programmübersicht finden Sie hier.

Once celebrated as one of Japan’s leading composers despite being deaf, Mamoru Samuragochi’s name hit international news in February 2014, when a university lecturer named Takashi Niigaki revealed that he had been ghostwriting the so-called genius’s music for the past 18 years. The teacher claimed as well that Japan’s modern-day Beethoven wasn’t deaf at all. In the wake of a screaming media pandemonium, director Mori approaches and befriends the supposed hoaxer and his wife who are in hiding. Over repeated visits to their home, the truth behind the fiasco is unveiled - or is it?

Schweizer Premiere

Der Film wird in der japanischen Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt.

Fake - Ginmaku 2017

von Tatsuya Mori

Japan 2016, 111 Min.
Altersfreigabe: 16 J
Startdatum: 28.04.2017