Hatred - Iranian Film Festival 2016

Neue Filme aus dem Iran

Vom 26. Mai bis 1. Juni 2016 findet im Riffraff und im Houdini das zweite Iranian Film Festival Zurich statt, welches neue Filme aus dem Iran präsentiert. Die Programmübersicht finden sie hier.

Zhaleh and Hamed are two youngsters from the third generation of Iranian immigrants who have settled down in another country against their will. Their families who find Iran's living conditions unsuitable, take refuge in Turkey in order to have a peaceful life. «Hatred» includes two parallel stories from two periods of Zhaleh and Hamed's lives. The first one is the story of the good days when they meet each other. The second one is the story of the eight crucial hours when they commit a robbery so they could use the money to start a happy life somewhere else. However, they are led to another direction.

Der Film wird in der Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt.

Hatred - Iranian Film Festival 2016

von Reza Dormishian
mit Baran Kosari, Babak Hamdain, Mehran Ahmadi

Iran 2012, 84 Min.
Altersfreigabe: 16 J
Startdatum: 27.05.2016