My House - Ginmaku Japanese Film Festival

Schweizer Premiere

Vom 6. bis 8. November 2014 findet im Houdini das Ginmaku-Festival statt, welches neue Filme aus Japan präsentiert.

«My House»
There is a «house» standing that no one has ever seen in the corner of a city. It is the revolutionary «house» that is collapsible and portable, moving free to anywhere, built by Suzuki-san (Takao Ito) and his partner Sumi-chan (Eri Ishida). Suzuki-san lives life with spending almost no money. He picks up discarded aluminum cans and exchanges them into money. He also utilizes car batteries of no longer necessary to achieve all-electric system in the house. By making full use of surprising ideas, they have a fairly comfortable life. Suzuki-san is free and inconvenient presence, leaving in a big city. In the meantime, there is a junior high school student who aims for getting on the fast track, Shota (Sada Murata), and a germophobic housewife, Tomoko (Tae Kimura). These lives, which never should have crossed, start happening to intersect triggered by a certain accident...

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My House
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My House - Ginmaku Japanese Film Festival

von Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Japan 2012, 93 Min.
Altersfreigabe: 16 J
Startdatum: 07.11.2014